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Bert comes out on Facebook

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MILK one of top queued Netflix movies in Chicago

A glimpse into Chicago’s Netflix queues show’s that Milk, the film about the life of Harvey Milk, is one of the top queued movies in the city. The NY Times recently released an interactive map, broken down by zip code, for 12 cities that shows what the top queued Netflix movies are for each city.... Read more »

Top staff leave Chicago Free Press

Photo Credit: msig via Flickr CC The Chicago Tribune is reporting that top staff members of Chicago Free Press have left after not being paid for several weeks. Matt Simonette, who was the editor, along with the art director, graphic designer and most of the writers left the organization after some had not been paid... Read more »

Lady GaGa meets The Queen

Over the weekend Lady GaGa met The Queen…not any queen but The Queen as ‘of England’ during the annual Royal Variety Performance.  And can you believe it, the world didn’t explode.   Everyone was concerned about what Lady GaGa might do, since she’s known for her outrageous costumes, over the top makeup and other personal antics that... Read more »

Caster Semenya allowed to keep gold medal

After all of the controversy, Caster Semenya will be allowed to keep the gold medal she earned earlier this year. Shortly after Caster won the Women’s 800m at the World Championship it was alleged that Caster wasn’t really a woman at all but was a man masquerading as a woman.  Allegations ran around the web... Read more »