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Gay Chicago in the 80's

Gay Chicago in the 80's
How about this blast from the past!  Click through to watch this fabulous clip from a show called Diva Diaries that played at the now shuttered Lakeshore Theater on Broadway in the early 80′s. It’s FILLED with drag queens and what looks to be a very young Alexandra Billings (which wouldn’t surprise me) singing the dance... Read more »

Alexandra Billings gets top billing at Gerber-Hart Benefit

Photo Credit: Feast of Fun via Flickr CC Alexandra Billings will take top billing at this years Gerber-Hart Annual Benefit set for October 23rd. Billings, Chicago’s darling, former Pride Grand Marshall, singer, teacher and tv and movie star is coming home to raise money for a worthy cause! The Gerber-Hart Library, located at 1127 W... Read more »

Schoolboy to Showgirl:The Alexandra Billings Story [VIDEO]

Do you recognize the name Alexandra Billings?  You should, she’s a transwoman from Chicago who has taken the world by storm.  She ‘cut her teeth’ in Chicago performing at numerous venues like the Bailiwick, The Court Theater and Steppenwolff.  She’s an accomplished Cabaret singer and after moving to California has appeared in numerous TV programs.... Read more »