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Harry Osterman to Announce Campagain for Alderman

State Representative Harry Osterman is set to make an announcement this evening on his running for 48th Ward Alderman. Stop by the Broadway Armory (5900 N Broadway) this evening at 6:30PM when he will make an official announcement of his entry into the Aldermanic race after it was announced earlier this summer that long-term Alderwoman... Read more »

A gay Alderman in Evanston and no one cares!

Evanston Alderman Mark Tendam(r) with Todd Connor who is running for MWRD. Photo Credit:Todd Connor via Flickr 6th Ward Evanston Alderman Mark Tendam is gay – and no one cares!  And if you can believe it, none of his opponents in this years contest even brought it up.  Acceptance is coming to the North Shore... Read more »