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Harvey Milk Rally - Chicago Edition [PHOTOS]

This was the scene this afternoon at the corner of Michigan & Congress Avenues when approximately 100 queers and their allies gathered to celebrate Harvey Milk’s 80th Birthday.  Although it was wonderful to see so many people out….it was rather disappointing that so few people took time to attend. Several speakers addressed the crowd and... Read more »

Don't forget the Harvey Milk Week of Action rally on Saturday

I hope that you’re going to get involved and that I’ll see you at the Harvey Milk Week of Action Rally scheduled for Saturday at 1PM. Don’t just sit there and hope that someone else will come out and represent you….do it for yourself….do it for your community….do it for those in the LGBT community... Read more »

We may have lost Maine but we made advances elsewhere

We may have lost in Maine on Tuesday but that doesn’t mean that we’re down and out for the count – not by a long shot. Even though we received a devastating blow in Tuesdays election when Maine overturned the right for same-sex marriage by a narrow 5% margin, we need to remember that we still have... Read more »

GUEST POST: Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Transphobia Has Got To Go!!!

Photo Credit: M.J. This past weekend a protest was mounted at Hunters Night Club in Elk Grove Village against their unfair use of a supposed “Two Faces, Two ID’s” door policy which targets the Trans community by forcing them the provide an ID that matches their gender presentation.  As I was out of town this... Read more »

The National Equality March can succeed WITH YOU!!!

National Equality March Via as Good as You I’m getting on the bus this evening and heading to DC to march.  Follow me on @whatsaboytodo on Twitter or find me on Facebook: Michael Lehet Don’t forget about the Solidarity Rally at Daley Plaza on Sunday at 1PM   MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARDNO ONE ELSE WILL... Read more »

I wanna hold your hand

Photo Credit:keshet via Flickr Just like the Beatles song “I wanna hold your hand” Saturday is Same Sex Hand Holding Day, our silent revolution. A UK site “A Day In Hand” has set September 26th aside as silent LGBT revolution – hand holding.  As they say on their site: “You don’t have to fight to... Read more »

Pucker up Baby, it's time for a Kiss-in

Recently the news has been filled with a lot of  LGBT harrassment.  There was a gay couple arrested in Salt Lake City for kissing on a public way that’s owned by the Mormon Church.  In El Paso, Texas a gay couple was ejected from an eatery because they were kissing.  Is kissing that bad?  Apparently... Read more »

Boystown 'Community Walk' scheduled for TONIGHT!

During this weeks Beat 2331 CAPS Meeting the community demanded more police presence in the neighborhood with the increase of crime in the neighborhoods. A Neighborhood Walk has been already been scheduled for the night of August 14th by the Police Department, but now the community has scheduled another. This evening, the community, along with... Read more »

Cleve Jones to speak at Join the Impact fundraiser on August 29

Photo Credit: Paul Schreiber via Flickr Local LGBT activism group Join the Impact will host legendary LGBT Rights Organizer Cleve Jones to discuss the ongoing struggle for LGBT rights on August 29 at the Biograph Theater. From the Facebook Page: From the early days of Harvey Milk’s activism (as portrayed by Emile Hirsch in the... Read more »