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CNN Anchor Don Lemon comes out in new book

CNN Anchor, Don Lemon, comes out in his new book “Transparent” set for release on June 16th. I don’t have Cable so I don’t get a chance to see this handsome man on TV, but it’s wonderful to know that he has the support of CNN, his friends and his family to finally come out... Read more »

The Verizon Wireless Guy is Gay!

The Verizon Wireless Guy is Gay!
Now that Paul Marcarelli, the infamous “Can you hear me now?” Verizon Wireless guy is out of contract, he’s saying a whole lot more…in fact he’s coming out! Although rumors and rumblings have been going around the internet since he started the job in 2002 that he was gay, nothing was ever said….in fact because... Read more »

Ellen Votes Herself Off American Idol!

Ellen Degeneres, this years newest judge on American Idol – just announced that she’s leaving the show! Here’s what she had to say on her website: A couple months ago, I let FOX and the “American Idol” producers know that this didn’t feel like the right fit for me. I told them I wouldn’t leave... Read more »

NBC's Marriage Ref goes gay

The Marriage Ref is a new reality-ish/gameshow-ish adult program on NBC – and this week it’s going gay.   Jerry ‘Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That’ Seinfeld is an executive producer on the show that introduces a couple shares an ongoing argument between them and has a guest panel discuss amongst themselves and have... Read more »

GLEE Cast's High School Yearbook Photos

Yes, I’ll admit I’m a Gleek!  I love GLEE and I watch it on Hulu and that’s all you’re gonna get out of me. Television’s most award-winning new series, GLEE was recently honored with a Golden Globe for Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical; a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble... Read more »

Karen Walker: The Musical? YES PLEASE!

Megan Mullally recently dropped a hint that she would love to reprise her role as Karen Walker from Will & Grace as a musical. Mullally who is in London with her band Supreme Music Program held a Q&A after a recent performance and said that she’d like to do a show based on her famous... Read more »

Superbowl Commercial Roundup

If you’re like me and didn’t watch the Superbowl, then you probably missed all of the good commercials…but then isn’t that what the Internet is for?  As much as I enjoy Superbowl commercials, I can’t bear to have to watch football in between them. Gay blogger Joe.My.God has pulled some of the best from the... Read more »

Lady Gaga's 2010 Grammy Performance hits the web [VIDEO]

The Grammy’s are still being presented, but Lady Gaga’s opening performance is already on the web. Lady Gaga got the prime spot for the awards show – the very first one.  I guess they did that for two reasons – one, she’s the hottest thing out there. -two if she does anything controversial there will... Read more »

The Super Bowl Big Gay Controversy

Some people (like me) only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.  Who knew that this years potential commercials would be a hot bed of controversy with the LGBT community? It’s quite interesting that the biggest, most heterosexual, manliest event of the year would be steeped in drama over it’s exclusion of homosexual commercials and... Read more »

All the Single Footballers

From last nights episode of GLEE! (Which I missed because I was watching the Wizard of Oz)