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Carpenter's Halloween now playing at Circuit Nightclub

Lynda and 'The Shape' enjoy some fun on the floor!  Photo credit: Timmy Samuels, Starbelly Studios
Are you ready to get scared and laugh at the same time?  Then you need to stop by and enjoy Carpenter’s Halloween at their new home inside Circuit Nightclub. Since 2007, Scooty & JoJo Productions have put on their annual halloween extravaganza – John Carpenter’s classic movie Halloween turned into a musical with songs from the... Read more »

Easter and iPads, I'm on Feast of Fun

Those delightful and wacky boys from Feast of Fun invited me over to gorge on Easter Candy and talk about the iPad. What are your impressions of the iPad?  Are you fascinated, revolted or jealous? Listen to the show here

Check out this massive line at the Apple Store

Some people just can’t wait to get the Apple iPad being released tomorrow.  Typically new products create a huge buzz and a storming of the castle at Michigan Avenue to be one of the first ones on the planet to have it. So I stopped by the Apple Store to talk to some of the... Read more »

Chatroulette, Maps and Improv - Who's watching whom?

Have you been to Chatroulette yet?  You haven’t? What are you waiting for?  For the past few weeks Chatroulette has been clogging up the internet letting people randomly ‘hook-up’ with strangers through the use of their webcams. And it seems as though everyone has a webcam now, especially since most laptop manufacturers are building them into the... Read more »

To Netflix Pimps & Johns = Princess & Frog

It was chilly over the weekend so I was clicking through YouTube when I come across a video on gay sex workers….so of course I had to stop and watch. I happened across this clip of Fiona James from the 1993 documentary Hookers, Husterls Pimps and their Johns and it’s quite interesting – if not extremely dated... Read more »

FightAIDS@Home with your computer

Put your home computer to work fighting AIDS while you’re at the office. Distributed computing is nothing new, for years SETI has been using idle computers to search for ET.  Now you can let your computers idle time be used for AIDS Research. What is Distributed computing (DC)?  Basically, you download a program to your... Read more »

Hottest new iPhone app - iNaked

I’ve been jonesing for an iPhone for the longest time, but seriously AT&T service sucks in Chicago.  My roomie has an iPhone and the only place he can get reception is if he stands on our back deck – I for one enjoy a cellphone for what it’s meant to do – not for how... Read more »

MILK one of top queued Netflix movies in Chicago

A glimpse into Chicago’s Netflix queues show’s that Milk, the film about the life of Harvey Milk, is one of the top queued movies in the city. The NY Times recently released an interactive map, broken down by zip code, for 12 cities that shows what the top queued Netflix movies are for each city.... Read more »

The first gay movie

It appears as though Thomas Edison created one of the first gay movies while he was testing the synchronization of sound to film sometime in the late 19th Century. Do you think this was the first gay movie, or was it just that men were more secure back then and didn’t mind dancing with another... Read more »

The real Santa Claus finally revealed

Photo Credit: Image Foundry Studios The real Santa Claus, St Nicholas of Myra, who lived from 270-346AD has finally shown his true face with 21st century technology. St. Nicholas is long considered the “first” Santa Claus based on tales of his generosity, charity and goodwell towards all men….but surprisingly, he doesn’t look anything like what... Read more »