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Big Gay Kiss in FIFA 2012

Now I’ll be one of the last people in the world to say that I know anything about sports – but I do know that there is a big old gay kiss in the current version of the soccer video game FIFA 2012. Through a bug or who knows what, in the clip it appears... Read more »

Want hot guys chasing you? Check out Chicago Dragons Rugby

Looking to have some hot guys chase you….around a field?  Then this weekend you need to check in with the Chicago Dragons as they host Rugby 101. The Chicago Dragons are the first predominantly gay men’s rugby club in the midwest – and they want to introduce you to their game. They’ll be meeting at... Read more »

Windy City Rollers rock the house!

I had a chance to catch the Windy City Rollers in action this weekend at UIC and my head is still spinning from the excitement. The Windy City Rollers are Chicago’s premiere flat-track roller derby since it’s inception in 2004, and is host to 5 home teams: Double Crosser’s, Hell’s Belle’s, Manic Attackers, The Fury... Read more »

Superbowl Commercial Roundup

If you’re like me and didn’t watch the Superbowl, then you probably missed all of the good commercials…but then isn’t that what the Internet is for?  As much as I enjoy Superbowl commercials, I can’t bear to have to watch football in between them. Gay blogger Joe.My.God has pulled some of the best from the... Read more »

The Super Bowl - EXPLAINED

Photo Credit:m skaffarivia Flickr CC Apparently there’s some big sporting event going on Sunday evening – I know my roommate is all hopped up about it, but alas I didn’t get the ‘Gay Sports Gene’ so I could care less about Football. Although my roommate did try to explain it to me once, but I... Read more »

The Super Bowl Big Gay Controversy

Some people (like me) only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.  Who knew that this years potential commercials would be a hot bed of controversy with the LGBT community? It’s quite interesting that the biggest, most heterosexual, manliest event of the year would be steeped in drama over it’s exclusion of homosexual commercials and... Read more »

Caster Semenya placed on Suicide Watch

Just days after a leaked report outlined that runner Caster Semenya had no uterus and testes instead of ovaries, she has been placed on suicide watch  over concerns of her mental health. MP Butana Komphela, chair of South Africa’s sports committee, said: “She is like a raped person. “She is afraid of herself and does... Read more »

Are Caster Semenya gender test results to be believed?

Today an Australian newspaper based in Sydney is claiming that they have intercepted the test results conducted on runner Caster Semenya. Semenya came under scrutiny last month when she broke the Women’s 800m race at the World Athletics Championship in Berlin by almost a full second.  Quickly after her win red flags were thrown and foul was... Read more »

South African athletics boss quits over Semenya gender bender probe

AP Photo: Anja Niedringhaus Caster Semenya has been in the news quite often over the last week since the IAAF has requested a “gender verification test.” Semenya shattered the current 800m Womens race at the World Athletics Championships by almost a full second and since then has been under constant scrutiny to determine whether she... Read more »

Get cheap tickets for Windy City Rollers

Photo Credit: JasonBechtel via Flickr I just found this great offer over at Groupon and had to share it with you. You can catch the July 25th Windy City Rollers┬áplay the Philly Roller Girls for only $14. The Windy City Rollers are Chicago’s only all women Flat Track Derby Team in the state. Groupon only... Read more »