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Saturday Morning Video: Bette Davis Dance Remix

Click through to see the funny “recommended video” that YouTube suggested I watch after this one Why after all of these Bette Davis videos would YouTube suggest that I watch a video about a young guy flexing his muscles.

Saturday Morning Video: The Muppets - Stand By Me (Easter Edition)

Saturday Morning Video: Improv Everywhere - No Underwear Subway Ride

You may recall that earlier this year Chicago celebrated No Pants Subway Ride in the dead of January.  Fortunately I was there to take photos and to grab some video so that you didn’t need to. Well Improv Everywhere has taken it one step further by hosting “No Underwear Subway Ride” recently in New York City…..hmmmm, I... Read more »

Saturday Morning Video: 90 Sondheim Songs in 9 minutes

Saturday Late Night Video: Taylor Swift Medley

If you enjoy this you should check out Tiffany Alvord’s channel on YouTube

Saturday Afternoon Video: Happy Spring!

Yeah, right

Saturday Morning Video: The Life & Times of the 7th Avenue Boys

Check out this 30 year old shots of NYC Click through for Part 2

Saturday Morning Video: Memoirs of a Scanner

Amazingly, this video was created entirely using a flatbed scanner! Memoirs of a Scanner (Martinibomb Version) from Damon Stea on Vimeo.

Saturday Morning Video: When puppies attack


Saturday Morning Video: Creepy Singing Russian Guy

I can’t stop watching this….which totally creeps me out!