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POLL: Just Two Weeks Til Civil Unions in Illinois

In just two weeks Illinois will be holding it’s first Civil Unions – will you be one of them? After a long fought battle to bring Civil Unions to Illinois it’s finally coming true.  After Governor Quinn signed the bill earlier this year in front of hundreds of spectators at the Chicago Cultural Center members of the... Read more »

Dan Savage tells religious people to "Get Over It"

AOL is trying to make themselves relevant again by hosting a daily video show as well as regular daily features like ‘you’ve got’, today they featured fellow queer Dan Savage. Click through to watch the full video Savage as I’m sure you’re aware is a prolific sex columnist and last year started the “It Gets... Read more »

Illinois Anti-Gay Adoption Bill Killed in Committee

Good news has just been spread across the great state of Illinois.  As I reported earlier this week, SB1123 which was a bill aimed at supporting the needs of the blind was amended to give religious organizations “the right” to opt out of servicing adoptions for those who don’t have the same “deeply held beliefs”... Read more »

Anti-Gay Bill presented in Illinois Senate

Anti-Gay Bill presented in Illinois Senate
Civil Unions will soon make their way to Illinois as June 1st approaches – but that doesn’t mean that the work is done. Just because we will soon have Civil Unions available for same-sex couples it doesn’t mean that other laws limiting LGBT rights are going to disappear – in fact it appears as though... Read more »

Illinois Civil Union Bill to be Signed January 31

Photo Credit: mattitude Make sure to mark January 31st on your date planner, because that’s when Governor Pat Quinn is expected to sign SB1716 the “Civil Union” bill into law. Over the weekend, openly-gay State Representative Greg Harris – one of the sponsors of the bill – updated his Facebook status with a message to... Read more »

Prop 8 Stay LIFTED!

Just moments ago Judge Vaughn Walker announced that the Stay that was issued along with his ruling on Perry v. Schwarzenegger (Prop 8) HAS BEEN LIFTED! BUT, same-sex couples will not be able to get married until after the Stay expires – August 18th. This is wonderful news, I wonder how this will pave the... Read more »

Chicago's LGBT Community Supports the California Prop 8 Decision

Chicago's LGBT Community Supports the California Prop 8 Decision
More than 100 LGBT community members and their allies stood beneath the Picaso statue at Daley Plaza last night to show their support for the ruling in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger case in California. The case was brought to the courts to overturn the Prop 8 vote that was approved by a majority vote in... Read more »

The Prop 8 Ruling IS IN!

The controversial Prop 8 Trial in California is over (for now) and Judge Walker has announced his ruling…..and the haters will not be happy !   Today Judge Walker handed down a  138 page ruling that you can read here saying that Prop 8 is “unconstitutional under both the due process and equal protection clauses.”  ... Read more »

Kiss-In Participant threatened with lawsuit

This past Friday night a flashmob of queers descended on La Fiesta Azteca to hold a kiss-in after two men were admonished for kissing at the restaurant in early May. During the kiss-in nearly 100 LGBT activists and their allies sat in the restaurant and did what any couple, straight or gay, would do –... Read more »

What did you do to Celebrate Harvey Milk Day?

This past weekend was Harvey Milk’s Birthday, what did you do to celebrate the day? Did you participate in the sit-in at Senator Durbin’s office that resulted in 13 activists being arrested? Did you participate in the rally that marched up Michigan Avenue? Did you sing Happy Birthday to Harvey Milk? Spend the day at... Read more »