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Illinois couples taking advantage of civil unions

According to a release from Equality Illinois, almost 4000 couples have taken advantage of the new Civil Union law that went into effect in Illinois on June 1st.  I know that I was one of those couples when I married, er I mean Civil Unionized, with my partner this summer. Equality Illinois went to every... Read more »

VIDEO: Rosie O'Donnell talks about her engagement

Here’s a great video clip of Rosie O’Donnell talking about her recent engagement to Michelle Round.

Rosie O'Donnell engaged - expects to get married over Christmas

Rosie O'Donnell engaged - expects to get married over Christmas
Chicago has been good to Rosie O'Donnell, she announced to her show audience last Friday that she's engaged!  CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you! Yep, she and partner Michelle Rounds will apparently be "tying the knot" during the Christmas break - I think that's wonderful.  But I have a feeling that she won't be doing it here in Illinois, she'll most likely be flying back to New York where same-sex couples now enjoy the benefit of in Illinois we only have Civil Unions. So why doesn't she get married here, well quite frankly it's because Illinois only offers same-sex Civil Unions - not full marriage like they do in New York and six other states (Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, DC).  What's the difference you ask between Civil Unions and Marriage?  A LOT!  Click through to read more about the differences between marriage and civil unions...

Illinois Allows Joint Tax Filing for Civil Union Couples

Hot off the presses! Well the internet presses that is. Illinois couples in a civil union will for the first time ever in the state be able to file joint state tax returns – the same as heterosexual couples. Here’s all the news from Equality Illinois: Equality Illinois, the state’s oldest and largest organization advocating... Read more »

831 Couples in Cook County Applied for Civil Unions in June

According to a post on the Cook County blog, David Orr reported that 831 couples applied for Civil Unions in Illinois during June – the first month such unions were legal in the state.  Interestingly, 46 of those couples were opposite sex! Personally, I know of 4 couples (5 if you include myself and my... Read more »

Get your Civil Union License in Illinois TOMORROW

June 1, 2011 marks a new dawn in Illinois when the first Civil Union licenses will become available. From the Cook County Blog – here’s everything that you need to know to get ready for tomorrow: WHAT: Illinois will begin offering Civil Union licenses at county clerk offices on Wednesday, June 1. The Cook County... Read more »

For the first time EVER majority of Americans favor legal same-sex marriage

For the first time EVER majority of Americans favor legal same-sex marriage
A recent Gallup poll shows that for the first time ever, a majority of Americans favor legal gay marriage. Since 1996 Gallup has been asking the same question: Do you think that marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages? The... Read more »

Guess who's jumping the broom?

You’ll never guess who’s ‘jumping the broom’? Ok, no need to guess….it’s me! Those wonderful and wacky guys from the Feast of Fun invited me over for a chat and wouldn’t you know – they drug it out of me that I’m getting Civil Unionized to my partner later this year. LISTEN TO THE SHOW... Read more »