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Saturday Night Rapture with the Feast of Fun

How fabulous is this! The boys at Feast of Fun had me on AGAIN for the second day in a row. Now that all of the talk about jumping the broom is over we get down to serious topics like the coming Rapture that’s supposed to happen on May 21st at 8PM CDT Listen to... Read more »

Guess who's jumping the broom?

You’ll never guess who’s ‘jumping the broom’? Ok, no need to guess….it’s me! Those wonderful and wacky guys from the Feast of Fun invited me over for a chat and wouldn’t you know – they drug it out of me that I’m getting Civil Unionized to my partner later this year. LISTEN TO THE SHOW... Read more »

Feast of Fun - Christmas Madness

Those wild and crazy boys from Feast of Fun did it again – they invited me over for a little chat about the holidaze! We had a chance to talk about all those things that annoy us about the holidays and even got in some news and other bits. Download the show and if you... Read more »

Get ready for Glitter Day 2011 Those wonderful boys from the Feast of Fun invited me over for a chat. We covered a lot of this weeks hot topics as well as came up with an idea for a brand new holiday for 2011 – GLITTER DAY! Download the podcast and join in on all the fun Be sure to... Read more »

Panda is Katy Perry

For Halloween I was able to team up with the Fabulous Feast of Fun boys and terrorize the city as adorable pandas! As is our custom when dressing up we make videos – check out our version of A Rainy Night in Rio I also got the chance to do my impersonation of Katy Perry’s... Read more »

Did you enjoy the Haunted Halsted Pub Crawl

Photo Credit: Dr. Jonez
Did you make it to the Haunted Halsted Pub Crawl this past weekend?  I hope you did! On Sunday afternoon Halsted was crawling with the undead – more so than usual as we paraded from bar to bar enjoying a great afternoon. Starting at Berlin, pub crawlers had the chance to get zombiefied and sort... Read more »

It's not too late for today's Haunted Halsted Pub Crawl

The fun starts at 2PM – you have PLENTY of time to get there.   Check out all the details here.

Don't Miss: Haunted Halsted on Sunday

Those wild and wacky Feast of Fun boys are at it again with the first ever Haunted Halsted pub crawl this Sunday afternoon. Starting at Berlin at 2PM you and your ghoulish friends will be treated to haunted crawl through Lakeview that will get you in the halloween spirit. Come prepared in costume or get... Read more »

LISTEN: Feast of Fun - World Keep on Turning

Check out the latest episode of Feast of Fun – I’m on it!! Those delicious, delight boys invited me over to have a gab about some of the things going on in the world…some exciting, some enticing and some just still make me so freaking mad (TARGET). If you’re not familiar with the Feast of... Read more »

Easter and iPads, I'm on Feast of Fun

Those delightful and wacky boys from Feast of Fun invited me over to gorge on Easter Candy and talk about the iPad. What are your impressions of the iPad?  Are you fascinated, revolted or jealous? Listen to the show here