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Today is World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day
Do you know your status?  Check over here for some startling statistics and testing resources.

HIV out of control in US patients

In these few days leading up to World AIDS Day on December 1st, the CDC has released a report that in US patients infected with HIV, 3 out of 4, ┬ádon’t have the virus under control with treatment. The CDC reports that only 28% of those infected with HIV have the virus “under control” meaning... Read more »

Today is National HIV Testing Day

Do you know your HIV Status?  You should!  Why not do it today as it’s National HIV Testing day and the sooner you know, the sooner you’ll know! There are many resources available to you today, and every other day, at the Howard Brown Health Center where you can get free anonymous HIV screening as... Read more »

Experimental vaccine found to "clean" body of HIV

Would you exchange the herpes virus, a variant of which you probably already carry, to erradicate HIV? An experimental vaccine could potentially swap one virus for another – well not really swap, more like use one virus to eradicate HIV. The vaccine works with Cytomegalovirus (CMV) which is a member of the herpes family, interestingly enough the... Read more »

Do you know your HIV status?

One in five people living with HIV don’t even know it – that’s because they’ve never been tested. HIV is one tricky little virus, you get infected, you may or may not “get sick” when you seroconvert and you could live for a long time before the virus really starts attacking your system – so... Read more »

Influential and Famous People who have died from AIDS

Today is World AIDS Day, a day set aside to educate AIDS Awareness, to move forward in helping to find a cure and to remember those who have fallen. Here are some influential and famous people who have died from AIDS. Although this list is far from inclusive, which is a sad thing indeed, who... Read more »

AIDS Foundation President to Step Down

I just received this email from AIDS Foundation Chicago and wanted to share it with you. Dear Friends and Supporters: After 20 amazing years at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC), I will be leaving this fabulous organization in January 2011 and begin my next life adventure as President/CEO of AIDS United.  AIDS United is... Read more »

'What's Love Got To Do With It' Community Forum

LifeLube is at it again with the new community forum ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ at the Center on Halsted on Tuesday, September 21. has been brining open community forums to the city for quite some time now, always offering up great conversations on timely topics.  Now they’re going to take on the... Read more »

Bruce Weiss Steps Down as CEO of Test Positive Aware Network in Chicago

I just got this press release from TPAN and needed to share this with you.  I’m sure this could not come at a more inoportune time, especially with the Ride for AIDS event this coming weekend. Chicago, Illinois – July 7, 2010 – The Board of Directors of Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN) announced that... Read more »

Your Participation is Requested for HIV Prevention Survey

Photo Credit: roboppy via Flickr CC Your help is needed for a survey.for HIV Prevention Strategies for the MSM Global Forum. From the survey: We are looking for gay men, MSM and providers from all over the world to take part so that we are able to better understand the HIV prevention knowledge and needs... Read more »