Big Gay Kiss in FIFA 2012

Now I'll be one of the last people in the world to say that I know anything about sports - but I do know that there is a big old gay kiss in the current version of the soccer video game FIFA 2012.

Through a bug or who knows what, in the clip it appears as though Player #9 (allegedly Andy Carroll of the Liverpool Priemere Football Team - and whom I do not think is gay) makes a goal and then falls to the ground into the open arms of what appears to be the opposing teams goal keeper where they embrace and make out....although it doesn't look as though the goalie is all that in to it.

Check it out yourself:

First it was the video game Dragon Age that had it's separate gay AND lesbian scenes - and now it's footie....I may have to start playing video games!

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  • Very sexy!! Hey, I appreciate your work for the gay community here in Chi. Hope you're well! Check out my new blog!

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