Fundraiser for 'Patty the Pin Lady'

Fundraiser for 'Patty the Pin Lady'

If you've spent ANY time in Boystown, then you are familiar with "Patty the Pin Lady".  For years she has spent time on Halsted selling pins, red ribbons, candy and other assorted items to raise money for AIDS Charities - she has raised more than $50,000 - which is a huge feat unto itself, but now she needs some help.

According to the Guys over at Best Gay Chicago, Patty has been battling cancer and is need of money to help pay for expensive treatment - so a benefit is being planned in her honor.

Thursday, Nov. 17th  6-8pm,
Cocktail, 3359 N. Halsted.

There will be a cover charge and food and drink specials, and all the proceeds will go towards Patti's medical bills.

For as much as she has given to the community and for as much as she has become a staple of Boystown - please take some time out of your day to help out a most deserving community member!

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