It's time to take care of Hollywood Beach

You've had a great time at Osterman Beach (aka Hollywood Beach) this summer and now it's time to give back to that wonderful mecca of Edgewawter.  This Saturday, September 17 is the Adopt-a-Beach Annual Cleanup - and you need to be there!

CLEAN UP?  You expect me to clean up?  YES, I do.  You enjoyed Hollywood Beach all summer didn't you?  You had a great time watching boys, playing volleyball and hanging out on the sandbar, so why don't you take a few hours out of your Saturday morning and give back a little....come on...really!

My friend David and I have been doing the annual Beach Clean-up for several years now and it's always a rewarding experience and you should join us!  This will be our 4th year of cleaning the beach at the end of the season and it's been a very fulfilling way of giving back to the community.  A few hours out of your morning is nothing for all the fun that you enjoyed all summer...and heck you can even stop at the new Nookies that just opened on Bryn Mawr and tell all your friends how cool you are!

Here are the details that you'll need:

1.  Visit the Adopt-a-Beach website
2. Search for 'Osterman Beach' (that's the official name)
3. Click on the September 17 link
4. You'll need to create a login
5. During the Registration Process search for Team: What's A Boy To Do
6. You're all set!

The event usually starts around 9AM and is a well attended event for the community.  Bring gloves if you like, but typically they provide some latex gloves for you to wear (I mean who wants to pick up trash with their bare hands)...and for the fun of it all, you'll get to keep track of all the trash that you pick up.  The year before smoking was banned at the beach, David and I picked up  more than 500 cigarette butts from the sand.

Get off your butt and head to Hollywood Beach on Saturday, September 17th at 9AM to give back to a beach that has given you so much all summer long!




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