HELP! I don't have the Gay Decorating Gene

Ok, I'll admit it, I don't have the gay decorating gene, my neighbor upstairs definitely has it - but I don't have it at all.  Well that's a fib, I do have some of it, more so than some other people I know - but I don't have that "good decorating gene" I like bold brash colors slammed up against each other for no rhyme or with that in mind:


I recently purchased a new condo and there are way more decisions to be made than I ever thought of.  What color to stain the floor, should I stain the floor, should I get silverware that  matches the floor, do you paint the inside of the closet or not, do you build something in or stuff it with a big piece of furniture...TOO MANY DECISIONS, but nothing that I can't make....but now I have a decorating dilemma and I don't know what to do.

Check out this video where I show you my dilemma and leave a comment with your assistance.


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  • Michael, I'm starting to doubt your gayness.

    This may be a ploy to get hot chicks to lower their guard. If it works let me know.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I'm sorry that you've doubted my gayness...LOL. I'll let you know when the hot chicks show up!

  • I have the decorating gene, but not the gay gene - - we're perfect for one another! How I've always dreamed of my very own gay posse. Sigh.

    That said, you need advice. First of all, what colors are you choosing for the two rooms? Me thinks they need to be either opposites on the color wheel, or one a few shades lighter or darker than its mate hue, e.g. lavender and purple. Now mind you, do not go painting with lavender and purple - - that suggestion was for demonstration purposes only. Does that make sense?

    In regards to your question, paint the "face" of the arch the lighter of the two shades. Trust me on this one. Good luck!

  • In reply to Mary Tyler Mom:

    I think we may be perfect together.

    The colors I'm choosing are of the same "tint" but hadn't thought about the opposite color where'd I put that silly color wheel!!!!

    Thanks for the input - it has been a hotly debated topic on my Facebook page - the majority of my friends were saying that I should paint it white - like the trim!

  • While not all gays are decorators, are all male decorators at least metrosexual? I wonder about some guy slobbering over a luxurious palace (even though he claims he has a daughter) or garden layout.

    However, you can do what someone did on Vicky Payne's show last night--call in a female decorator to redo a kitchen that was about 15 years old. The female general contractor had the bad news that the walls couldn't be removed, because they were holding up beams, but the color palette was fabulous, and the female flooring contractor refinished the stairs to match the new wood floors throughout the rest of the first floor.

    But with regard to kitchen design, the advice from most heterosexual men is so long as the food comes out hot from the microwave, that's sufficient.

  • Since you also asked about painting the insides of closets, I left out my father's method, which was, after painting the rooms, dump whatever paint is left into one can, mix it, and paint the closets with that.

    Of course, that was in the days of $2 Bill's paint that smelled like hell.

  • I have the gay decorating would paint the arch the same color of the main room. For example if it wasthe living room leading into the dining room I would paint the arch the living room color.

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