Decorating Update & Guess How Many

Decorating Update & Guess How Many

Thanks to everyone for their input on my decorating dilemma on what color to paint the interior side of my'll be glad to know that I've decided to paint them white - like the trim.

After a heated debate on Facebook (hey are we friends?) suggestions ran the gamut from painting them a complementary color to basing the color on where the foyer was and how you entered the room. Surprisingly though, several friends suggested that I treat it like trim and paint it the same color as the trim, so that's what I'm going to do. I cleared it with my decorator (who also happens to be my next door neighbor) and he agrees - white it shall be - although I'm going to paint it eggshell and not semi-gloss, cuz I think that would just look silly.

So, now that that is settled, it's time to move on to picking colors - AGAIN! I had originally picked out my colors from one company and was set to go....until ALL of my friends changed my mind in mid-stream and forced me to abandon my selections and start all over again. My friend John was the biggest help in the world as he spun his color wheel and we dug into a new set of paint chips and the old selection in front of us. I learned a few things along the way:

- Make a definite decision on your paint BEFORE you choose your color. Because colors are propritery to each manufacturer and the color formula is based on a whole bunch of shit - so it may not always translate to a different manufacturer.

- A color wheel IS your friend. If you thought I was a bad decorator I'm color stupid. I would have no problem putting lime green right next to pineapple yellow.

- Paint color names are silly, for example: 'bubble bath' (it's pinkish), 'shy cherry' which just happens to be right next to 'smoldering red,' how about a 'wisp of mauve' or even 'startling orange.' You know what my favorite color is, and it's what is going in the kitchen - American Cheese!

So guess how many nail holes I covered up in two bedrooms and a hallway?

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