Boystown CAPS Meeting set for Wednesday July 6

With all of the recent street activity in Boystown - including a videotaped melee that showed a 25 year old man getting stabbed - it's time to take back the streets.

It seems as though every summer there as in an increase in pedestrian traffic in Boystown and with that comes an influx of issues surrounding it....crime increases, noise increases and tempers flair.  Over the past few weeks there have been several attacks on Halsted, some happening right in "the heart" of Boystown near the 7-11 parking lot on Halsted & Roscoe.

The ONLY way that we can combat these issues is to become involved in our community...and by involved I don't mean attend the street festivals and actually pay to enter....involved means doing something more.  Calling 911 when you see problems, talking to your neighbors, paying attention to your surroundings when you're out and about, watching out for your friends and neighbors instead of turning a blind eye and just hoping it goes away.

A few summers ago the issue was so bad that groups were organized to "Take Back the Streets" with groups walking through the neighborhood along with with police....that happened a few times and then it fell apart.  Just this past Saturday night there was another "take back the night" walk and based on the comments on the Facebook Page it did not go well - I was not there but from what I understand there was a counter-protesting group that was trying to overpower the "Take back the streets" Group.....none of this is helping anyone and it's unfortunately turning into a major race baiting issue!

There is something that you CAN DO...and that is attend the upcoming CAPS Meeting set for Wednesday July 6 at 7PM at the 23rd District Police Station at Addison and Halsted .

***UPDATE*** Due to an increase in the number of expected attendees at this CAPS meeting it has been moved to the Inter-American Elementary School at 851 West Waveland Ave at 7:00pm.


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  • Hi Michael,

    Things are definitely out of control up there. I don't live in Lakeview, but was up on Halsted past Belmont yesterday to get some carry out from Chicago Diner (sadly, it was closed for July 4 deep-cleaning).

    Anyways, I was driving, dejected, back down Halsted at about 8:20, getting ready to turn onto eastbound Belmont to head back to Lakeshore, when I noticed 4 black boys, looked to be about 15 y/o, doing what I thought was playing in the street. Suddenly I realized they weren't playing - they were fighting, in the middle of the street, brawling with each other & holding up traffic. One of the black kids, who I think was the target of their rage, got up & ran into the parking lot just north of the Marshalls, and the rest of the black boys chased him into it, and suddenly about four more appeared & joined in the beatdown.

    I immediately called 911, at 8:22 pm per my cell records, and told the operator what was going on & to send cops immediately. I told her the race & approx age of the fighters, as well as what they were wearing (most had taken off their shirts at this point), and the number involved. She said police would be dispatched right away, though I didn't stick around to see it.

    From what I understand from people I know in the neighborhood, this type of thing is a daily occurence, and has been for several years. It's a shame, my family needs a bigger place & we cannot afford to stay in Streeterville where we are now, but there is no way I'm bringing my pregnant wife to live in an area where this happens everyt night. Time to either move to the 'burbs, or back to MI, where this sort of thing doesn't happen.

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