Boystown beating caught on tape

On Sunday, July 3rd at just a few minutes before midnight, someone videotaped a violent attack of someone in the 3300 N Halsted block.  After just the prior evening a Positive Loitering group walked the streets to take back the streets.

Here's the disturbing video.

This is from the Chicago Tribune report:

Witnesses told police that the group was walking south on Halsted when they began yelling and got into a confrontation with the 25-year-old, who was stabbed multiple times, according to a police report. No one was in custody, but Belmont Area detectives were interviewing the victim and witnesses and reviewing videos post on the Web that captured part of the incident, as well as its aftermath....about 20 people walking south on the Halsted, while two people walked north. Someone spilled someone else's drink or jostled someone, and when the two groups passed, one of the men in the smaller group turned around and said something to someone in the larger group, Cunningham said.

Words were exchanged between the 25-year-old and someone in the larger group, and then the two groups came back together, Cunningham said.

"At first, it seemed like they knew each other," and the exchange of words was just posturing, Cunningham said.

But then, the 25-year-old, who was wearing orange shorts, was pushed up against a fence, and then down onto the ground,

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  • I was walking our dog - and while it was some time before the stabbing happened....I noted 'gangs' of people who didn't seem 'to belong.' Clearly looking for problems. I called 9-1-1.

    Now, this is where this post needs to be sent to some official - - - The reply was, unless you can identify these people - I can not help you. I was astounded! How could I identify these people? Not even sure what the operator meant.

    I'm sure it's on a tape - I told 9-1-1 something is going to happen here...that's why I am walking away - I also asked why she was being argumentative and not helpful. I don't believe I was rude - Yet, she hung up!!!!! I tried calling 3-1-1 twice and never made it through.

    If I can predict events - certainly the police must be able to. Each and every day, I can see "trouble" on one corner near where we live. Yet, nothing is done, for years! In part, not the fault of police either. These people are arrested, then out within hours - back on the street - and they do not care if they have a record, they likely already do. And our courts are so overburdened, many never make it to court and charges are dropped. When the charge is loitering, etc. - it's hard to make stick because there is generally no member of the public complaining.

    I was astounded at the response - or lack of by the City, until something actually happens.
    I've been in Chicago my entire life - never have I seen a summer like this. Something needs to be done, not only in my neighborhood - but everywhere. This should not be acceptable anywhere.

  • In reply to Steve Dale:

    Hi Steve - sorry you had such a bad response from 911, but you did the right thing by calling.

    I know from going to CAPS meetings in the past they have told us to always call and report anything because they do use those statistics to find trends.

  • I hope you spread your blog around...mention at the CAPS meeting at least one person (presumably more) called 9-1-1 - and received essentially a rebuff. I very much doubt I was the only one.

    I know know about the idea of people taking back their neighborhood by "loitering" themselves. . . Perhaps some merit, but what do these ordinary citizens really do? Shoot back? Pull out their own knives? They can call 9-1-1. But by the time police arrive (that's assuming they don't get the response I did), the event has happened. Blogs like yours and other press coverage is good to motivate public officials. Police need to step up and get people clearly looking for trouble out of there....I know so you must know some of what goes on, and police often look the other way. That has to stop. CAPS meetings are great, but only when followed by real action, instead of solely a venue a letting off steam.

  • Michael or Steve, I don't live in Boystown (as you've probably guessed from some of my previous unabashed heterosexual comments on your blog), so I'm a bit curious...that 20+ group of people in the they live in Boystown? Are they part of the gay community? If not, wtf is going on up there?

  • In reply to gwill:

    @gwill - THAT is the $64,000 question. No one seems to have the answer.

  • @gwill I can't believe I've gotten caught up in this,...I am not gay, just live near enough where we sometimes walk our dog that way, or go to restaurants (love that new Tequila place)....Violent crime has nothing to do with sexual preference. Seeing the 'gangs of people' on the street - I am certain they do not live nearby. Really. I have no idea where the victim is from.

  • In reply to Steve Dale:

    Steve, we don't have any disagreements here. I agree violent crime has nothing to do with sexual preference, that's the point with these recent Boystown attacks - the thugs don't seem to care what sexual preference the victims they mug/rob/beat are. So, I agree with everything you said (well, except for the "I am not gay" part (ha, just f'n with you Steve, love ya man!)

  • In reply to gwill:

    Well, if you love pets gwill dude - check out my blog

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    I have been a resident of Boystown since 1994 and the violence is getting worse. Not because of minorities but because of thugs who see opportunit­y to sell drugs and prostituti­on. Daley neglected the south and west sides and the product of that neglect is now coming to the "safe" areas of the city.

    This mob stabbing is just one of many violent things going on in Boystown. A number of women have been pepper sprayed recently, shoved to the ground and then mugged. Thus when large groups of people come walking around the neighborho­od and its clear they are not there to be openly gay but to see opportunit­y to rob someone as they go back to their neighborho­od and live the thug lifestyle. I blame much of this on Chicago Judges who just let these criminals go with a slap on the wrist. These thugs do not have parents who care and when they get back on the street continue to do the same horrible things and the cycle continues.

    I also wish all communitie­s in chicago would understand that being gay is not a choice and going to church will not rid you of being gay. I hope a serious conversati­on comes of this violence but again it will just become some black and white issue instead of dealing with the real problem of GANGBANGER­S in chicago.

  • Well put Daniel - it seems the Emmanuel administration is not talking about this increased violence - unless forced to. And it's not opinion - but fact, judges allow the thugs and others back out instantly. Fighting a parking ticket (even a bogus one) is more challenging, and often most costly. Where are the priorities?

  • In reply to Steve Dale:

    And as I initially was motivated to write about....calling 9-1-1 did absolutely nothing.

  • Thanks for posting this. Having video evidence of this trend makes it harder for the CPD and city to ignore the issue. I have a feeling the CAPS meeting tonight will be a bit of a mad house.

    I find Gender JUST's response to this to be puzzling, to say the least. Could you pull the "racist" card any faster? I think most people in the 'hood accept the Center on Halsted and agree with it's core mission. As crazy as it might sound to these folks, it is possible to support LGBT youth and want a safe neighborhood at the same time. And when there are multiple muggings and stabbings, it starts to get pretty hard to argue that nothing is going on. There *is* a problem and it needs to be addressed.

    Check out the blog of one of Gender JUST's members as evidence of the radical attitude these folks have:



    How productive!

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