831 Couples in Cook County Applied for Civil Unions in June

According to a post on the Cook County blog, David Orr reported that 831 couples applied for Civil Unions in Illinois during June - the first month such unions were legal in the state.  Interestingly, 46 of those couples were opposite sex!

Personally, I know of 4 couples (5 if you include myself and my partner) who "tied the knot" in June - were you one of them?

Thanks to a new, in-house software program a huge slew of statistics have been gathered and compiled in regards to Civil Unions, here's a brief view:

The Clerk’s office collected more than $37,000 through July 15 in new revenues from civil union application fees, civil union certificates and duplicate copies of records.

June 1 was by far the busiest day with 209 licenses issued. From June 2-30, an average of 30 licenses was issued daily.

Of the 831 couples who applied for civil union licenses in June, 65 percent live in Chicago. However, couples from 68 suburban Cook County municipalities also sought licenses, such as: Evanston (35 couples); Oak Park (24); Berwyn (8); Homewood (7); Arlington Heights (6); and Matteson (4).

The breakdown of couples by gender shows more female couples, 428 or 51.5 percent, obtained a license than male couples, 357 or 43 percent. Forty-six opposite-sex couples, or 5.5 percent, applied for a license.

The oldest person applying for a civil union license was 93. There were 34 couples with at least one partner age 70 or older, and 29 of those couples were male. The youngest permissible age is 18, and only one 18-year-old applicant was recorded.

Couples applying for civil union licenses appear to be more highly educated than average. More than half of all couples had at least one college graduate. Many more have at least one partner with an advanced degree or doctorate. According to the 2000 census, 28 percent of Cook County residents were college graduates.

The couples were also racially diverse. At least one partner was Hispanic in 13 percent of female unions and 15 percent of male unions, while at least one partner was African-American in 22 percent of female unions and 10 percent of male unions.

After a couple obtains a civil union license, they must use it within 60 days and their officiant must then return it to the county clerk. Of the licenses returned, 77 percent had civil ceremonies and 23 percent had a religious ceremony.

About 20 percent of the couples had previously been registered on Cook County’s Domestic Partnership Registry, which began in 2003 and had grown to nearly 2,000 couples.

You can view the full report HERE

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