Tires on Gay Pride Floats Slashed Overnight

Pride Parade

According to a Chicago Tribune post, more than 30 Gay Pride parade floats had their tires slit last night.

Associated Attractions Enterprises, Inc at 4800 South Halsted reported this morning that more than 30 floats that were being stored for Chicago's 42nd Annual Gay Pride Parade had two or more tires slit. When employees left last night at 8PM everything was secured but found the damage this morning when they returned at 5AM.

This really does stink, it just sounds as though someone is a bit upset that we have finally achieved some type of equality with the recently passed Civil Unions taking place in Illinois and New York's recently voted in Marriage Equality.  

I've heard that the parade will be delayed - but let's hope that the parade goes on!

*UPDATED* NBC Chicago has photos of the damaged floats.

Several of the photos show men under the floats trying to repair the damage.  Whoever did this took a lot of time because just looking at these few pictures - it took a lot of time and effort to do!  I hope that security cameras were installed!

UPDATED: According to a Sun Times article four of the floats could not be repaired in time for the parade and it was doubtful that several others would make it.  KUDOS to Chuck Huser and his employees at Associated Attractions for doing their best in a bad situation.

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  • Maybe this act of ignorance and violence will be get some of our elected officials thinking.

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