Get your Gay Card!


Just in time for the biggest gay weekend EVER you can get your official Gay Card.

Yes, yes, we've all been asked at least once to turn in our Gay Card, but did you really ever have one to turn in?  Well now you can!

Just head on over to right now to get your very own official Gay Card.

You'll be forced to answer a few questions to make sure that you're worthy of carrying a gay card, including questions regarding body grooming, fag hags and even Stephen Sondheim.  If you score well enough you'll be directed to the official page where you can download your very own Official Gay Card for you to paste your photo on, fold, laminate and put in your LV clutch!

Fortunately they don't post your "score" on the card, because I answered honestly and only came up with a 36....I know, I'm a bad gay!

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