Dixie Longate decides to stay for a bit longer

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That delight and wonderful reformed hooker Dixie Longate has made such an impression on the city - she's staying (at least for 4 more weeks.)

Dixie's Tupperware Party has been rocking the Royal George since late March.  She's had the extreme pleasure (NOT, I'm sure) of enjoying our delightful spring and now she may even get to see summer as her show has been extended through June 12th!  Well, she may get a late taste of spring and not so much summer.

Dixie has been seen all over the city recently llike at the Chicago House Brunch & Fashion show and even trying out to be an "Intern for the day at WGN TV"

If you've been waiting to go see Dixie - don't wait any longer, especially with the Rapture allegedly happening this Saturday.  I even think that Dixie said she was having a Rapture Sale during this Saturday's show for those who don't make it through and are stuck here with the rest of us.

Dixie is playing at the Royal George Theater through June 11th with shows Wednesday through Sunday.  Get tickets online and have a blast.



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