Dixie Longate Storms Into Chicago

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Well Hookers, you'll never believe it, but Dixie Longate is finally IN DA HOUSE!!!

After stalking her for years now following her across the country from Iowa to Aurora to Dallas she's finally set up shop for a bit here in Chicago at the Royal George Theater.

Not only does Dixie bring you some of the best plastic crap in the world, but she'll make you laugh the whole time as well! 

Dixie keeps you entertained while you're there, not only mingling through the audience catching up with old friends before the show, but even calling out audience members for never having been to a Tupperware Party before.  You may even get in on the action a little bit during her raffle drawings and you'll most definitely get involved singing the Tupperware song along with the rest of the audience.

So be sure to head over to the Royal George Theater and catch Dixie before she high-tails it outta town.  Tickets are $44-49

Click through to watch Dixie bite her tounge and chat with the folks from 'The Talk'

View more videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com.

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