America's Latest Bigot: Donald Trump


Watch out for Donald Trump - he does not like the gays at all!

In a recent interview with the Des Moines register regarding whether he will run in the 2012 Presidential race they asked him his stance on same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage became law in Iowan in April 2009 and since then conservatives have been trying to overturn the law. 

When he was asked about his stance, his reply was:

"They should not be able to marry," he said. But asked whether gay couples should be able access the same benefits as married couples, he said his "attitude on it has not been fully formed."

Given a second to think, Trump said on marriage and civil benefits, "As of this moment, I would say no and no."

So even though The Donald has been divorced two times and married three times, he does not think that the gay community should have any right to marriage....I bet he's best friends with Newt Gingrich, also married three times!

If Trump runs for President I think we need to use his catch-phrase on him "You're Fired!"


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  • Trump is a total idiot, his only claim to fame is the real estate empire he has built and his marriage to trophy ladies. Other than that, he lacks originaly and does not have a vision for America. He is boring!

  • I watched him on the David Letterman show the other night and he had nothing interesting to say....

  • F*ck Donald Trump and his stupid hair too.

  • Too bad. But I still think he's got a cute butt!

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