Target set to change its political giving policy

Protestors at the Target in Uptown

In 2010 Target was the scene of a boycott by the LGBT community after it was discovered that they had made a $150,000 donation to the PAC MN Forward which supported anti-gay candidate for Governor Tom Emmers.

Target has always been seen as an ally to the LGBT community but with this betrayl  a backlash occurred as groups boycotted the newly opened Target at Wilson Yards.

Finally, Target has decided to review and change it's political giving policy!  Three investment firms that hold a large stake in Target put pressure on the multi-state retailer to change it's ways asking them to: undertake a "comprehensive review of the company's political contributions and spending processes, including the criteria used for such contributions."

To me, this was a test of the waters of the now year old Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to donate money directly to politicians instead of having to go through the PAC route.  Now the floodgates are open for all companies to give as much money as they want to whatever political ally they want without any oversight....well without any oversight as can be given by consumers.  Which is exactly why Target buckled under the pressure and decided to change its way.

Based on a report from Wisconsin Gazette, "Target spokeswoman Jessica Carlson said the company reviewed its donation policies following the controversy. Among the changes to be made is creation of a committee of senior executives responsible for determining whether the company makes contributions directly to candidates, political parties or political committees like MN Forward."

So now that Target has chosen to change it's way - will you return to shopping there?

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