Don't miss '9 to 5 the Musical'

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Be sure that you catch the funny '9 to 5 the Musical' playing at the Bank of America Theater now through January 30th.

If you loved the 1980 music starring Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin and Dolly Parton then you'll absolutely adore this show.  Like many of the current "musical from a movie" shows it won't let you down because all of the funny gags, lines and jokes from the movie are here - live and in person with the added bonus of musical numbers.

The show starts out with commuters getting ready to head to their '9 to 5' jobs - including several hot guys wrapped only in towels dancing around the stage.

The actresses cast in the three lead roles are spot on in their interpretation of the original movie.  Dee Hoty playing the role of Violet Newstead is strong, laughable and hilarious.  Mamie Parris plays the role Judy Bernly perfectly as a timid just divorced-forced into the workplace woman finding her way in life.  And Diana Degarmo channels the character of Doralee Rhodes (made popular by Dolly Parton) perfectly.  I swear the first time she came on stage and spoke it was the Queen of Country herself!

Dolly Parton wrote the music and lyrics for this fun, fast paced show that'll have you tapping your toes and singing along with the main theme every time it's played. 

Purchase tickets online at Broadway in Chicago.

If you didn't see the audience serenade Dolly on opening night, check it out here.


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