Dixie Longate is Coming To Town

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Dixie Longate and Michael Lehet

Dixie Longate is coming to town and you'd better watch out bitches! I've had the distinct pleasure of stalking Dixie for a few years now, and now it's your turn to start.

For me it started a few years ago when a blogger friend in Denver said he was loading up the van with some bears and driving to Des Moines, IA to see Dixie perform.  I thought 'Hell, Des Moines isn't far, I'll drive over and meet you."  I actually made a video of my roadtrip, check it out here.  

Dixie is one amazing woman, she's left her children behind in Alabama and taken to the road selling fabulous Tupperware at parties all over the country.  She is so successful that she is consistently one of the top selling Tupperware Representatives in the country. 

I've been stalking Dixie since 2008 and now it's your turn to start!  Since that trip to Iowa I crossed state lines and flew to Texas to surprise Dixie (and boy was she surprised) at one of her parties in Dallas, I even surprised her when she was in Joliet and brought a  bus load of Bears with me that took over half her audience!  She's that fabulous and fun that you'll want to follow her around the country too....but you don't need to.

Dixie has just announced that she's stopping over in our great city from March 18th through May 15th and taking up residence at the Royal George Theater on North Halsted in Lincoln Park.  You'll have plenty of time to go back time after time and keep buying some of that most fabulous plastic crap that she sells.  Tickets are $44 for weekday and $49 on the weekends.  Purchase them online.

Get to know this fabulous person - I promise you won't regret it or ever have as much fun at a Tupperware party as you will with Dixie.

After the jump check out a video of Dixie "finishing" off some of the boys after her show in Des Moines.

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