Alien Queen will have you rocking!


Photo Credit: Timmy Samuels, Starbelly Studios

If you love the classic film Alien and the rock music from Queen then you're going to love the newest production from The Scooty & JoJo Show - ALIEN QUEEN, a sci-fi Rock ParOdyssey.

Alien Queen, takes the film we love and blends it up with the music from the ever popular rock group Queen and reminds you that 'in space everyone can hear you sing.'

The show is quite hilarious and the actors are all cast perfectly.  Ryan Lanning does an impeccible job of transforming himself into 'Ridley' battling aliens while singing and tryhing to save the abandoned Newt.  The rest of the cast plays double duty as the show, in two acts, combines both the original Alien story line and Aliens 2 into one storylilne.

If you love Queen you'll love this show, in fact you'll probably want to sing along (like the guy behind me did throughout the night).  The Team has seamlessly added songs throughout the show to add the most impact.  The songbook is extensive, and I'm not going to share the songs here (because that's half the fun of the show) but all the songs you know (and even songs you don't know) are included and sung wonderfully by the cast with the support of a 4-piece band.

The show takes use of the grand stage at Circuit Nightclub and even incorporates the speaker boxes as additional locations for "action" bringing the actors off the stage and into the audience.

ALIEN QUEEN is playing at Circuit Nightclub Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights at 7:30 through December 18th.  Tickets are $15-25, be sure to get a reserved cabaret seat so you can be part of the show. Purchase tickets online or call 800-838-3006

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