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Feast of Fun - Christmas Madness

Those wild and crazy boys from Feast of Fun did it again – they invited me over for a little chat about the holidaze! We had a chance to talk about all those things that annoy us about the holidays and even got in some news and other bits. Download the show and if you... Read more »

Alien Queen will have you rocking!

Photo Credit: Timmy Samuels, Starbelly Studios
Photo Credit: Timmy Samuels, Starbelly Studios If you love the classic film Alien and the rock music from Queen then you’re going to love the newest production from The Scooty & JoJo Show – ALIEN QUEEN, a sci-fi Rock ParOdyssey. Alien Queen, takes the film we love and blends it up with the music from the... Read more »

WATCH Prop 8 Arguments LIVE

Today in California the oral arguments for Perry v Schwarzenegger (AKA Prop 8) will start the oral arguments at 12PM CST. Judge Walker Vaughn ruled that Prop 8 was unconstitutional but an appeal was requested, and granted, so today the U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit will begin hearing testimony. You can watch it live... Read more »

Illinois Senate Passes Civil Unions

Just saw this tweet from Lambda Legal, now it goes on to Governor Quinn who has promised to sign it! Victory! #Illinois #CivilUnions pass the Senate with 32 votes. (30 needed for passage.). A great day in Illinois.

Do you know your HIV status?

One in five people living with HIV don’t even know it – that’s because they’ve never been tested. HIV is one tricky little virus, you get infected, you may or may not “get sick” when you seroconvert and you could live for a long time before the virus really starts attacking your system – so... Read more »

Greg Harris Final Comments on Civil Unions [VIDEO]