Don't Miss: TRACES

Chinese Poles - Bradley Henderson-1.jpg

The Chicago premiere of Traces is taking place right now at the new Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower through December 19th.

Last week Broadway in Chicago hosted a "blogger" night as Traces begins it's North American tour by wowing Chicago audiences.  We were asked to tweet and live blog the performance that you can follow along here on Twitter.

It's difficult to explain Traces, other than it is music, movement, dance, ballet, basketballs, giant hoops, living room recliners, chinese hoops and two giant poles that are on stage the entire time.

The artsits of Traces have years of circus training under their belts and their acrobatic feats look effortless.

Oh yeah, you can't forget there's animation, live drawing, video, film, narration and dance dance dance.

By the last set, when the troupe was jumping the chinese hoops, they had them stacked 6 high and the audience was literally on the edge of their seats.  The first time he attempted to jump so high, he missed, but the audience clapped and you could feel a hush fall over the room as everyone held their breath.  When he jumped and sailed though the highest ring the audience jumped to their feet and gave the cast a well deserved standing ovation!

Tickets are $50-75 BUT, I've got a specail deal for What's A Boy To Do readers - just head on over to Broadway in Chicago and use special code FRIEND to get two tickets for $99 this week only - Tuesday through Thursday. 

Don't miss Traces - it's playing through December 19th only!

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