Horse Meat Disco Coming to Stardust @ Berlin


The creators of the fabulous London based party Horse Meat Disco are bringing their show to Berlin (954 W Belmont) on October 7th - and you won't want to miss it.

I'm a self-diagnosed Disco Queen, so when I started listening I was immediately hooked!  I think what I like best about is that I don't recognize the music at all, so it's fresh and new (to me at least).

No need to go to London to party, they're bringing their funky sound to us during Stardusts 2nd Anniversary Party at Berlin!

If you feel like getting warmed up for the party (and honestly who wouldn't it's been cold lately) just CLICK THROUGH FOR A FREE MP3, a whole heaping 30 minutes long that will sure to get you heated up!



Horse Meat Disco - Volume 2 - Mini Promo Mix by warmhq

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