Edgewater Gets New Brunch Choice at m. henrietta


With little to no fan-fare, m. henrietta quietly opened last week offering Edgewater a new brunch option.

Occupying the space that used to be Standees, m. henrietta  1133 W Granville (sister restaurant to m. henry on Clark Street in Andersonville) offers Edgewater a delicious taste of Andersonville that we've long needed.  Living in Edgewater I can tell you that weekend breakfast options, heck we've been waiting for Nookies for ever, are limited, so we couldn't wait to try out the newest kid on the block.

We stopped by early Saturday morning to sample breakfast - and we weren't disappointed.  There's not a lot of the menu, but that's not a bad thing!  There were specials offered and there was plenty to choose from.  The menu is very similar (if not nearly identical) to it's sister (it's been a while since I've been to m. henry because I don't enjoy waiting in lines) and offers both savory and sweet options for breakfast (and lunch.)

By the time we finished our breakfast and had several cups coffee the restaurant was almost filled to capacity (and this was without any major news that they were open) which just goes to tell you that this is a badly needed addition to the neighborhood. 

I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone, but it appears as though they'll be selling sweets as well as offering coffee to go (nice for your morning commute.)

m. henrietta is open Tues-Sunday for breakfast/lunch/dinner, check the site for full listing of hours.

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