Chicago is barely a 'Hotbed of Sex'

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Recently Men's Health looked at some data to see if they could find the city that was having the most sex - and once again Chicago barely breaks the top 50.....WHAT?

Men's Health looked at three categories to determine who was getting it on the most, first they looked at condom sales, birth rates, sex toy sales and rates of STD's like gonorrhea and syphyllis....guess who's having the most sex?  

Austin, Texas is the place to be as they're #1 in condom sales, #15 in birth rates and 23rd in STD rates.  Columbus, OH a really gay Midwestern state comes up third on the list. But something is going on in Texas because 4 of the top 10 are in that state (Austin, Dallas, Arlington & Houston), so where's Chicago sit?

All the way down at #41...oh come on Chicago - go get it on, let's get in the Top 10 next year!  Of course this survey is based on heterosexual data but I bet if we did a gay survey we'd be in the top 10!!!!

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