Visit Koval Distillery - right in Andersonville!

Driving down Ravenswood Avenue in Andersonville, you'd never know that you're passing by an award winning, world-class distiller if you weren't paying attention, you should really stop in and take a closer look.

Koval Distillery is run by husband and wife team, Sonat and Robert and is Chicago's 'first boutique distillery' producing high quality white whiskey and speciality liquors.

We had the chance to stop by a few weeks ago and take in a tour and learn a bit more about Koval and to learn how they are producing some great quality whiskey.  Unfortunately the day we were there they weren't using the still, but the place still had a heady aroma from several huge vats aging and becoming tasty tasty liquor.

After we got a thorough lesson on how the spirits are made - we got to sample them.  After a quick walk to In Fine Spirits on Clark Street we had a chance to try almost ALL of the spirits that Koval makes - WOW!

We learned a lot about what makes Koval special, that unlike some other whiskey makers they only use middles, the best of the destilling process, and that doesn't require aging in burnt oak barrels.  Oh yeah and we also learned about heads and tails too!

Distillery Tour Dates are scheduled through September and only cost $10 per person, check the site for full list of dates and reservations. 

It's a great way to spend the afternoon.


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