Protest Scheduled at Target this Saturday

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It's time to get your protest shoes on and head to Uptown where a demonstration is scheduled for Saturday at 11AM.

I'm the first to say that I love me some Red Dot Boutique (aka Targay, aka Target) but the shenanigans they pulled recently by donating money to Minnesota Forward has lit a fire under the proverbial ass of the LGBT Community.

Here we thought that Target loved us, they support the Minnesota LGBT Community by sponsoring Gay Pride every year and they give millions back to the communities where they have stores, but now we find out that they really don't love us all that much at all.

Recent changes to the Campaign Finance laws now allow corporations to donate money directly to PAC's and candidates running for office. In the past, the only way that Target could get money to politicians was through their employees, but now with the change in the laws - they can just hand money to whomever they like....and they, along with Best Buy, REALLY liked Minnesota Forward - the tune of $150K, Best Buy donated $100K.

Minnesota Forward then took those funds and started airing commercials backing Tom Emmers, who's running for Governor of Minnesota - and who just happens to be anti-gay! Emmers clearly says on his website that he believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman only and that he supports and amendment to the same - NOT GOOD TARGET!

So, to show our love of Target a group has been organized to show our displeasure with their donation by holding a protest at the newly opened Target at Wilson Yards in Uptown this Saturday from 11AM-1PM.  So bring your walking shoes, your whistles, your boyfriends and your girlfriends and show Target it's not good to just donate money to anyone!  Oh yeah, there's also going to be Wedding Cake served!

See you at Target



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  • FML.....

  • In reply to RyanJustice:

    Well just think, you'll get a chance to see a lot of your friends....although you'll be on the inside looking out!

    I know it's gotta be tough, it's like finding out your best friend wants to beat you up because you're gay : -(

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