'I'm from Driftwood' needs your vote

This was just forwarded to me Nathan at "I'm From Driftwood" and I needed to share it with you! Please take a moment to read and go to the Pepsi Refresh Project and vote - it's free and easy.
I'm From Driftwood  collects LGBT stories from around the country and is looking for submissions as well.  If you'd like to share your story, or read some of the stories already shared, please visit their site.
"I'm From Driftwood" Eligible for $25,000 from Pepsi's "Refresh Everything" Competition

Hot off the heels of surpassing their $15,000 Kickstarter goal, ImFromDriftwood.com is in the running to win an additional $25,000 from Pepsi's monthly "Refresh Everything" contest. The $25,000 will be used to help fund their ambitious 50-state Story Tour this fall. Supporters can vote once a day at www.RefreshEverything.com/Driftwood  for the entire month of August, or simply text "101220" to PEPSI (73774). The Top 10 projects are each awarded $25,000. 

IFD collects true LGBT stories from all over the world--from the smallest towns to the biggest cities--to help LGBT youth feel not so alone. Throughout the 50-state Story Tour, IFD will have reading events at cafes, bookstores, bars, community centers, college campuses and other venues where they will share stories from IFD and talk about the site and its purpose. Along the way, they will be filming and recording video and audio stories from LGBT people they meet across the country.

"Just when we thought things couldn't be better after Kickstarter, we received an email from Pepsi announcing we were eligible for their $25,000 grant," said Nathan Manske, creator and editor of IFD. "We expanded our group of supporters and followers with Kickstarter and we hope they'll continue pushing IFD forward by voting every day for the month of August. It's also quite a relief not having to ask them for money for this one!"

IFD's Story Tour is set to kick off on September 2nd with a large event at the world famous Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas. From there, the IFD team will head north, stopping at big cities and small towns along the way to collect and share true LGBT stories. In a four month period, the team will travel to all 50 states with a mission to show the world that gay people are, indeed, everywhere -- from Driftwood, Texas to Wasilla, Alaska and everywhere in between.

Throughout the journey, IFD will have a regular blog page chronicling their adventures. Marquise Lee, IFD's Video Editor and founder of Crush Deviant Productions will film the journey and publish short YouTube videos about their progress. As the Story Tour progresses, they will publish regular video webisodes as well as written updates about their journey. They're also hoping to make the entire experience as interactive as possible. The IFD team is taking suggestions of where to visit and even asking people to open up their guestroom or couches.

IFD knows LGBT people are everywhere. You know LGBT are everywhere. After this Road Trip, LGBT youth will know it, too.

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