Get on the El for Some Art

Looking to increase your Art Quotient this weekend?  Then head to the Loop, jump on the CTA and experience 'Art on Track: A Mobile Art Gallery
Yep you read that right! On Saturday, August 7th you'll be able to board a special 8-car El train that has been converted to a mobile art gallery that will travel around The Loop.  You'll have a chance to experience Art like never before!
Artists and Galleries from across the city will turn a typically blah, boring trip into something filled with color, music and excitement.
The train runs from 5-10PM only, you can purchase tickets online for $10 and you can ride to your hearts content.  Once you board the train will make 4 stops where you can change "galleries" and since there are 8 cars you can have all the fun in less than an hour if you like - or spend the whole afternoon!
Come on and experience the El and Art in a whole new way.  We'll be there!
Be sure to check out their Facebook Page for some special deals!

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