Around Town: Gaztro-Wagon


If you're looking for some tasty street food, throw down those elotes and check out the Gaztro-Wagon, they may even be in your neighborhood.

The other day I had a chance to experience The Gaztro Wagon in the wild - I've been to their store at 5973 N Clark Street several times, but this was the first time I got to eat 'from the truck.'

The Gaztro-Wagon has a simple goal, bring fresh food fast to the streets of Chicago by traveling around to different neighborhoods across the city offering their delicious Naan-wiches with gourmet fillings. 

On the day I caught "The Wagon" you could get wild boar, corned beef and even one filled with butternut squash!  I got the Fidel Gaztro which was roast pork, ham, cheese and mustard on naan - it was delicious.  Oh yeah, that's their twist, these sandwiches aren't made with plain old bread!  They're made with delicious fresh made naan, thus the naan-wich.

You should check out the Gaztro-Wagon website where they've got their twice daily schedule listed, for example this week on Ravenswood Avenue twice this week, in the South Loop at UIC and even hitting up the Merchandise Mart.  You can literally chase them around the city if you like!

In addition to their regular schedule, they also have "Surprise Stops" that they shout out during the day via Twitter (@WherezTheWagon).  You can also follow them on Facebook - they're great at interacting with their followers and trying to find new places to visit - give them a shout out and perhaps they'll come to your neighborhood!

They're also in a contest over at the Food Network where they're looking for "The Great Food Truck Race" across America! Go vote for them!

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