All you're getting from Target is "Sorry"

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According to a recent post at HRC, Target is only going to say "sorry" for their recent $150K contribution to Minnesota Forward, the PAC that supports anti-gay candidate for governor, Tom Emmers.

After two weeks of communications with HRC Target informed them today that "it will take no corrective actions to repair the harm that it caused by contributing $150,000 to" Minnesota Forward.

Now that Target hasn't stepped back, HRC is going after Best Buy....what makes them think Best Buy is going to fold?  If Target didn't, Best But won't - they already set the precedent that you only need to apologize for your mistake! 

So as they said on Seinfeld, "You can put your sorry's in a sack Mister," cuz that's all  you're getting.


HRC President Joe Solmonese released the following statement:

"All fair-minded Americans will now rightly question Target's commitment to equality. If their initial contribution was a slap in the face, their refusal to make it right is a punch in the gut and that's not something that we will soon forget. However, with full marriage equality hanging in the balance in Minnesota, regardless of Target, it's important that we as a community send a message that we will work tirelessly to elect pro-equality candidates.

"Target and Best Buy have - and no doubt will continue to have - model employment policies for LGBT people. We will continue to support those efforts. But before they can regain that exalted status among their consumers, they need to make things right in Minnesota. The nation's LGBT community has shown these two companies enormous customer loyalty. Now it's time for that faithfulness to be returned."


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  • The only thing I feel right now is shame.....

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