You must see 'F*%CKING MEN' at Bailiwick

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Last week I was invited to check out FUCKING MEN, the newest play to hit the boards at the Bailiwick.

FUCKING MEN is a take on a 19th Century play that's been modernized and brought into the present day.  Based on an 1896 play about couples and sex, the story now follows 10 homosexual men when they are just about to, just had or are in someway pursuing sex and gives you a brief glimpse into their minds during those times.  As they try to justify, answer for or explain to themselves exactly what it is their doing on this pursuit for sex.

Each "scene" is played by two actors, one of whom then "moves" onto the next scene, thus building the story as it goes.  It took a little bit for me to get used to this, but it was executed amazingly well with flash forwards.  The show starts with a horny Army guy and a park visiting hustler. 

The show exposes the emotions of the men one by one, as one man is telling his partner that he loves him dearly and that he shoudl quit his job, it's followd by a scene of him offering to set up a porn-star trick in an apartment near his office.

The timeline of the story doesn't allow to find out "what happened" as it is contiually moving forward and never looks back.

This is the third production of FUCKING MEN and according to the playwright, Joe DiPietro, who worked closely with the director and producer said that this is the "definitive version" of his play.

The show is playing at the Theater Building on Belmont, Thursday through Sunday with two shows on Saturdays, now through July 25. 

Check the Bailiwick site for a full listing of shows and to purchase tickets online.

Check out the Bailiwick YouTube Channel where they are currently featuring all of the hot actors from Fucking Men. Take some time and get to know the cast!


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