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One of Chicago's summer staples - The Taste of Chicago - opens today in Grant Park and runs through July 4th.

The Taste is open daily from 11AM to 9PM so you downtowners can run over to the park for lunch and grab some delicious bites from some of the best restaurants in the city.

There's a ton of the regulars, like Connie's Pizza, Turkey Legs, Hot Dogs and Ribs, but there's a lot of new restaurant offerings this year like Churro's, Cubby Bear, Shokolad Pastry & Dave, Summer Noodle & Rice (they're from my hood) and Iyanze (also from my hood).

Tickets are $8 for a strip of 12 at The Taste or you can buy them in advance at your local Dominick's!

It's not just about food at The Taste, there's also music galore.  Tonight the music kicks off with Salt-n-Pepa and Bell Biv Devoe.  Don't miss the concert on Monday presented by Broadway In Chicago; there'll be music from: Billy Elliot, Shrek, Million Dollar Quartet.  Plus there will be a sneak peek at the new Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Godspell, Pippin) musical WORKING.  Most concerts start at 5:30 or 6, check out the full lineup.

Click through for my video review of the Taste from 2008, it may be oldish, but it's still relevant - plus I was hanging out with my BFF and we had a blast!


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  • Fencing off the taste of Chicago this year was a bad idea all the way around, sure it helps police keep control of foot traffic and eases all around crowding, but is'nt that what taste has always been about??? all chicagoans walking, eating, laughing and having fun together...? there has never been a problem of major overcrowding at taste in its 29 year history (aside from the july 3rd fireworks)The taste of chicago has always worked itself out as far as big many people entered the park on a daily basis, just as many were exiting in perfect unison and on a staedy flow, it was never a stallmate because there was just too much to do and see for taste to ever get overcrowded. So along comes Megan Mcdoanald (mayors office of special events) and a few other like-minded city paid employees and they decide to put a fence around all entrances to grant park, in fact they fenced off the entire area, making taste look like a prison-camp. so I take the red line downtown to see salt & pepa perform knowing I would'nt get a seat inside the petrillo I was cool just to sit in the grassy area and enjoy the music...but NO! the mayors offfice has now fenced off all of the grassy area also, so those of us who have loved the grass all these years were'nt allowed to even enter that area (what a major bummer). the security guards at the gate told us it was for security / overcrowding reasons, but the grassy area was nearly 50% empty behind the fence...! I dont get it. In all of its 29 years the majority of taste concertgoers have enjoyed the privalige of the grassy areas from grandmas who did'nt want to sit too close to the music, to parents with young children who did'nt want they're little ones to get lost in the big crowds up front..the grassy area has been our friend, a place to kick our feet up and listen to summer sounds as we chill after a long work week, but now all that may be lost due to a few ideas by a few people from the mayors offfice of special events.
    I urge and plead for all chicagoans to write the mayors office! post blogs on the tribune and sun-times websites, tell 'em to take down the fences at the taste of chicago, tell them to re-open the jackson street entrance, tell them to give us more than one entrance and one exit, let them no that the majority of incidents at the taste of Chicago occoured after the park was shut down and was always outside of the park not inside. Let them know that fencing off the taste only means less money for the food vendors who depend on the original open-air market style setup to draw people to they're booths, especially before and after the big concerts By doing this, we the citizens of chicago can fully enjoy the taste of chicago without feeling like test mice in a maze-like setting that is nearly impossible to figure out.
    give us the taste of chicago the way it used to be.
    thats all we ask.
    Dave posey

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