Redmoon is doing it again!

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Last September Redmoon Theater hosted an outdoor Spectacle: Last of my Species: The Fearless Songs of Laarna Cortaan and it was absolutely amazing.

Held on the lakefront in Lincoln Park near Belmont Harbor it was truly a spectacle and it's not to be missed.  This year to carry on the tradition Redmoon has just announced that there will be two more outdoor events:

Festival 2010 J.O.E. A Joyous Outdoor Event, September 2nd - 6th again at Belmont Harbor.  In the spirit of Labor Day's celebration of workers and their families, Redmoon launches its FIRST FESTIVAL of quality family entertainment, public art installation, quirky small scale performances and live music acts all culminating in a REDMOON SPECTACLE PRODUCTION. During the daytime you can: Journey through the world-renowned LUMINARIUM PRESENTED BY THE UK'S ARCHITECTS OF AIR; Enjoy children's entertainment including world-class storytelling and music; experience UNIQUE SIDE SHOW ACTS such as Ricky (the world famous lounge performer); encounter roaming GUERILLA PERFORMERS AND BUSKERS; relax in the 'living room' and picnic in the lakeshore location. Stay for the evening and add the following to the above: revel in a live musical act each night presented by our festival partners THE METRO; and in thrilling 2 Dimensions - LAST OF MY SPECIES II: The Perilous Songs of Bibi Merhdad (an exciting sequel to last years massive hit)!  Tickets for Thurs/Fri from 6-10PM are $25 and Sat/Sun from 1-10PM are $15-25


Following that for every Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 9/9 to 9/26 you can catch Spectacle 2010: The Astronauts Birthday at the Museum of Contemporary Art Plaza starting at 7:30PM.  Astronaut includes 113 ROBOTS, 91 ROCKET SHIPS, 3 ASTRONAUTS, 1 DANGEROUS PLANET, 4 CHAPTERS OF SPACE ADVENTURE. JOIN REDMOON IN OUTER SPACE! Gather in the plaza of the Museum of Contemporary Art and be witness to an ENORMOUS STORYBOOK of EPIC ADVENTURE! See Redmoon bring art outside the gallery walls and delight in our collision of SCIENCE FICTION, COMIC BOOK, SPECTACLE PERFORMANCE, WILD SHADOW, SILHOUETTE PERFORMERS, AND BERSERK MUSIC! Marvel as we take over the entire façade of the MCA with our WEIRD and WONDERFUL tale of a single astronaut's journey to SAVE THE EARTH. Using the glass façade of the MCA, this MASSIVE shadow play will be rendered as a 5 STORY HIGH GRAPHIC NOVEL for an audience of spectators. Prepare for your transmission. COME AND BE ASTONISHED.  Tickets on Thurs are $15, Fri & Sun are $20

All tickets go on sale July 6th and if you mention the code:  "getstheworm" before August 1 when you purchase online or on the phone you can get 15% off.  Purchase tickets ONLINE or call the Boxoffice at (312) 850 8440 ext 111.

Watch the video for a peek at last years Spectacle!

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