It's Gay Day at Six Flags this weekend

It's Gay Day at Six Flags this weekend

Photo Credit: monkeyjenn via Flickr CC

Gay Chicago Magazine has set this Saturday, June 19th as "OUT at the Park - Gay Day at Six Flags", who's going?

Everyone loves amusement parks right?  Ok, well maybe not everyone but there's lots to do at Six Flags in Gurnee, just about an hour north of the city.  For thrills they've got all the super heroes covered with Batman: The Ride, The Dark Knight Coaster and my favorite Superman: Ultimate Flight which literally lets you fly through the sky.  There's plenty of rides though if you're not looking for coasters and thrills, there's carousels, car racing or even the Whirlygig.  Don't forget there's also Hurricane Harbor at this park - so bring  your swimsuit!

Gay Chicago Magazine is selling tickets to the event for $40 and they've even organized charter buses to get you there if you're not carpooling or driving yourself for only $15 round trip.

There's a gaggle of us girls going this weekend so I hope to see you at the park....oh yeah, and remember to wear a red t-shirt, that way we'll be able to pick each other out in the park....oh yeah, like we need to do that!

See you at Six Flags this Saturday.

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