How was your Pride Weekend?

Pride Flag

Gay Pride 2010 didn't turn out the way I thought it would.  I had planned to walk with the Chicago Spririt Brigade, as I had done last year, but ended up watching the parade instead.

When we got out of bed on Pride Sunday the skies darkened and the clouds opened up and poured rain all over the Chicagoland area.  Storm warnings were announced and several weather sites were predicting rain for most, if not all, of the day.  I contacted my friends that had planned to go to the Parade and we collectively sighed and said "Everything says it's gonna rain all day." So we begrudingly cancelled on going to the Gay Pride Parade....a sad thing indeed!

But then.....the skies parted, the clouds went away and the sun came beaming down, oh crap, now what do we do?  We consulted the weather gods (doppler radar) and saw that most of the storm had broken up and that what they had been predicting earlier wasn't going to happen.  So we decided, very last minute, to go to the Parade.

Unfortunatley it was too late for me to meet up with the CSB and walk with them, so instead I chose to watch the parade from Halsted street, the first time I've actually watched the parade in about 5 years!  Since I was able to watch the parade and enjoy it as a spectator, I'll be sharing my photos and videos from the days events over the course of the week.

Did you have a good Pride weekend?  What did you do?


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  • I had a great time! :)

  • I had an excellent time. This was my 12th year watching the Parade. I think my chest got a little too much sun, but I'd rather too much sun than too much rain!

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