Girdles aren't just for the ladies anymore


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"Our new one piece lace foundation, zips up the back, no bones" is one of my favorite lines from The Women (the original, not the horrid remake) and girdles are surely not what they used to be.  In fact Spanx, the body shaper adored by millions of women - isn't just for women any longer, now it's all the rage for the guys!

Earlier this year Spanx, the modern girdle, released a line of "body shapers" for men and it's been a HUGE hit according to an article in the NY Times.

What was once a topic that only women discussed has morphed it's way over into men's fashion and doesn't appear to be stopping.  Spanx isn't the only line of "compression garments" for men - I guess that's the easy way of saying Man Girld - there's a few others from Equmen and Sculptees (love that name).

Most of the styles of compression garments are in styles that most men would just assume to be a t-shirt and doesn't evoke any thoughts of an old fashioned girdle - they're hip, their hot and they're gonna hold your junk in for you!

But these shirts aren't cheap that's for sure.  The Spanx line can be purchased from Freshpair starting at $55 per shirt...yep you read that right.  The Equmen "Core Precision" line runs from $89 to $109 per shirt...and the makers of Sculptees offers the biggest range of products from tank tops to t-shirts to a model that accentuates your abs to "the bandit" a tube like "body shaper" that encases your middle and claims to be 'so comfortable, you'll forget you have it on."  Their products range from $38 to $78.

ac underwear.jpg

Underwear maker Andrew Christian has gotten in on the body shaper business but coming from the bottom up.  Andrew Christian has adapated several of their popular products by adding a 7" waistband, calling it "ActiveSlim".  It works in the same process as the t-shirts, it's just working from the bottom up!  If you want you can enhance your newly slim waist by pairing it with a pair of briefs that have 'butt lifting technology' one that has 'maximum frontal enhancement' or one that even has an anatomically correct pouch.  Each pair will drop you back $34, and unlike the other guys who only offer sizes in M and higher, AC offers sizes starting at XS, which I think is sorta redundant because if you're already and XS....ok, well I just won't go there.

So what do you think of the new Men's Body Shaping garments to hit the market?  Are you up for it?  Have you used them?  Will you use them?  Or is it just something that will soon fade away?


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  • yeah... actually bought my dad some girdles... hehe,,, that way when he goes jogging,,, girdles could help him lose weight,... i actually have a panty girdle myself and it helps me not to eat too much! i bought the girdles from panty girdle

  • In reply to amilkyway01:

    Good for you for looking out for your dad!

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