A Look Over the Fence at Osterman Beach

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The new comfort station at Osterman Beach is scheduled to be ready for opening on July 2nd, just in time for the Fourth of July Weekend but will it be ready.

I had the chance to speak with a representative at Alderman Mary Ann Smith's office a few weeks ago, before Memorial Day and was told that they were going to miss the original planned opening date but this week they were able to confirm that they will be open and ready for the Fourth of July weekend.

I get a chance to see the new station several times a week when I walk along the lakeshore and work is definitely progressing, but I wonder if it will be ready in time?  Opening day is only 8 business days away and there's still a lot of work to be done.  There's still concrete that needs to be poured to finish the ramp going to the lake, as well as on the south side of the station.   Plus they're just now starting to get the shingles on the roof, granted they can get that done in a day or two, it's the other big things that will take longer - landscaping, cleaning up the area and moving in the lifeguards and hopefully a concessionaire for the summer.

I do have a bit of a concern though, with all the rain we've had lately the road leading into the existing comfort station is torn up a bit from all of the trucks driving through to get to the construction site, I hope there's money in the budget to fix the road before they leave.

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