You may soon be able to have a cocktail at Hollywood Beach

Thanks to a plan set forth by Mayor Daley, you might be able to enjoy a nice cold cocktail at Hollywood Beach this summer.

In a plan to double the number of liquor licenses along the lakefront to 25 locations the Mayor sent a propsal to the City Council Licnese Committe. He is asking for more liquor licenses at 3 new locations in Lincoln Park: Diversey Grill, Montrose Beach House and (hooray) the Osterman Beach House - which is now under construction.  The panel unanimously approved the proposal yesterday.

If the plan goes through you'll be able to drink until 10PM, but only within the footprint of the premises where the application has been approved.  I'm sure this is set in motion to bring more money into the city - but how great will it be to sit at the beach and have a nice cold cocktail!  Although no mention has yet been made of a concession stand being opened at Osterman Beach this is surely good news as it can only help to draw in a good food purveyor.

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And enjoy a new look over the fence at the construction of our new Comfort Station, I can't wait to see you at the beach!

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