Windy City Rollers rock the house!

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I had a chance to catch the Windy City Rollers in action this weekend at UIC and my head is still spinning from the excitement.

The Windy City Rollers are Chicago's premiere flat-track roller derby since it's inception in 2004, and is host to 5 home teams: Double Crosser's, Hell's Belle's, Manic Attackers, The Fury and The Haymarket Rioters.  This past Saturday we got a chance to watch the The Fury beat the Double Crossers 95 to 69.

We came in during the middle of the first match and had a little difficulty figuring out what was going on because it is just madness on that track!  The Pavilion is a great place to host the rollers because if you don't like where you're sitting you can just pick up and move.  We started out in the back of the house but ended up sitting in the front row so we could really pay attention to what was going on. 

The rules of the game appear to be simple but there's a huge complexity to the game.  Fortunately before the second game started the "Farm Team" came out and gave a detailed demonstration of how the game is played and points are scored - after we understood exactly what was going on we had even more fun.

The girls do behave themselves, it's not the roller derby that we all think of where girls are bashing each other, poking, prodding and all that rough stuff, well it's almost just like's just a tamer version.  The girls are allowed to use their torsos, butts, shoulders and arms to the elbow but not the elbow itself to slam, block, knock down and slow down the opposing team, so you've really got to pay attention to what's going on.  

Besides the derby going on around the track, the interior is just as busy as its filled with referees that are keeping track of the players as they spin around the track.  Whistles are blowing, girls are falling down, points are racking up on the scoreboard - it's madness! 

One of my favorite parts of the game though is the names, as everyone has an innuendo of a name, like Sargentina or Jackie Daniels or Ruth Enasia there was even an official Judgemental Dave. 

You still have time to catch the Windy City Rollers, as they'll host their Home Season Championship on June 5th as they battle for the Ivy Cup.  Tix can be purchased online for $20 and if you want to really get up and close you can get track tix for $35. 

Check it out have some fun!


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