Retro Lady Gaga - Making of Poker Face [VIDEO]

Looking for some retro Lady Gaga to keep you going?  Hope you're not getting tired of Alejandro cuz I have a feeling it's gonna be on the radiio for a while.  It seemed as though Gaga was fading from the waves as of late because I don't hear her as often as I used to.

To keep the buzz going, Lady Gaga has just released the "Making of" video of Poker Face - so you can get a behind the scenes glimpse of the Lady herself.  Well, her studios have released on her behalf...but for some reason I have a vision of Lady Gaga sitting at the editing booth making this video enjoy "The Making of Poker Face"


I love the really retro though, like Just Dance! It's amazing to see just how far Lady Gaga really has come. Keep it coming Gaga!!!

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